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Flight finder

Flights to the French Alps, use our flight finder to search for the best deals to the snow.


There are four main airports to get to the Alps. Geneva, Lyon, Grenoble and Chambery. Geneva is without doubt the most popular choice around two and a half hours away by road to Tignes Les Brevieres. But may budget and low cost airlines fly into Grenoble, Lyon and Chambery.


The closet airport to Tignes Les Brevieres is Chambery which is around 1 hour 45 minutes drive away. Fly into Chambery and book yourself car hire or an airport transfer.


Airport distances:


Geneva (GVA) - 175 KM - 2h 30m

Lyon (LYN) - 220 KM - 2h 40m

Grenoble (GNB) - 200 KM - 2h 40m

Chambery (CMF) - 135 KM - 1h 45m


Timing recommendations:


Flying into the Alps on a Saturday, we would recommend landing nice an early at your chosen airport, this will help you avoid the traffic build up that tends to happen later in the day.


Departure from the mountains should also either be done early morning or later afternoon either beat the traffic or wait for it to pass.