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Geneva Airport

Geneva is defiantly the favorite airport for getting to Tignes even though Grenoble and Lyon take a similar time to travel from and Chambery is even an hour closer.


The airport is split in two as it spans the Swiss and French boarder. So you might find yourself crossing countries inside the airport. This is actually quite important when booking car hire, the French side has a car hire as does the Swiss side but it’s a frequent problem with travelers not realising which side they have rented from.


If you are flying in you will be directed through to the Swiss arrivals area. If you are using a transfer company then they will meet you here. It can get quite busy here during the winter so make sure you have all your transfer details handy and contact for your driver.


The airport is actually 5km from Geneva city center and its easily accessed by the train line running through the airport. The train line runs services to Bourg Sainte Maurice quite frequently so if you decide this is the way to travel you could buy a ticket to Bourg St Maurice and get a taxi from there to Tignes Les Brevieres.


Back inside the airport you can use either Swiss Francs or Euro to get you coffees and snacks. Normally Euros are accepted but some outlets will return your change in Francs.


Airport facilities include 5 long stay car parks, showers, 7 restaurants of all descriptions, Conference rooms and plenty of shops to spend spend spend. Last but not least every customers gets free Wi-Fi for an hour but you can log in continually if you unfortunately have to wait, wait, wait.

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