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Silver Package

Entry level boards for beginners or for those who want a bargain by riding last year's top models. Package includes Board, Bindings and Boots.


Logic, Influence and Option 2008/09 models.


Snowboarding is fun... so is the Vega. It’s a woman’s beginner/intermediate board that you can confidently take anywhere on the mountain or any snow condition. The board is designed with a mellow side cut for forgiving turns, a soft flex to help smooth out some of the bumps and an easy to maintain base so you can just focus on snowboarding and not your equipment. As your skills progress, the Vega will patiently grow with you because it has all the essentials of the highest performance boards and ready to head to the peak whenever you’re ready. Sizes: 142|147|152 Features: Ideal board for a female beginner/intermediate rider. Forgiving design. All mountain design capable of handling groomed runs or powder. Easy to maintain extruded 1500 base. Affordable. 2 year warranty. The Influence is the “entry level” freestyle board with all the essentials you can possibly ask for. It has a softer flex that’s easier for smooth jibbing or locking in on rails and a directional twin shape for switch tricks. Don’t think it’s lacking anything though; Chris Dufficy uses this board for rails. If you haven’t seen him ride, Youtube him and see how he not just destroys rails, he annihilates them. Sizes: 149|153|157|160|163 159 wide|163 wide|167 wide Features: Perfect for a beginner/intermediate rider. Softer flex for easier rail, jibbing and manual tricks. Twin shape for riding regular or switch. A low maintenance extruded 1500 base. Dufficy uses the Influence for rails. You get your freestyle fix without breaking the bank. 2 year warranty. Are you a newbie, a part time shredder or a weekend warrior that love going to the mountain to play?

The Logic is a reliable, forgiving all mountain snowboard that will handle any terrain so you can focus on working on carves, ollies and airs.

You can count on it to be there for your first few turns, landing that first trick or the first time you find untracked powder. Count on the Logic for several years of durable reliable performance and a whole lot of fun in the snow.

Sizes: 149|153|157|160|163

Wide Boards: 159 wide|163 wide|167 wide

    Perfect for beginner/intermediate rider.
    An affordable all mountain snowboard without sacrificing performance.
    Forgiving mellow side cut and flex for beginners and intermediate riders.
    Comes in wide for larger boot sizes.
    2 year warranty.
SP Brotherhood: From riders, for riders, this snowboarding binding is all about the SP Brotherhood. The Palmer SP Brotherhood Snowboard has been tested and abused by riders all across the world and has been designed for advanced ankle strap fit and to boost your freeride skills. Common SP high standard features fine-tuned with the new reshaped SP 3D ankle strap in a super solid finish.
Key Features of the SP Brotherhood Snowboard Bindings: BI-directional Mounting Disc Rocker Heelcup R.A.D Microinjected dampening toe and heel adjustable pedals 3-Point Highback Rotation 3D Ankle Strap SPINE.2 Highback with I.L.S Adaptable Toe Strap Position Smaller Toe Ratchets 2-Component CNC high Precision Buckles Heat treated Anodized Heelcup SP Venture

Now you can venture anywhere you want to. The asymmetrical cutting concept assures perfect fit and stability. Added stronger fabric where you really need it.

    SP.R Lacing system
    Ultra light foam liner

SP Fonzo: As with the name, we made no compromises with this boot, the core of this baby is pure free-style. Custom 20 year SP logo pattern, 3D 2-zone tongue, SP.R lacing. Reggae flare, serious performance. SP Arrow: Advanced riding requires spearhead technology, introducing the boot to give you the dynamic performance you will be targetting. Ankle flex cut and easing-foam for your calf-muscles. SP Base: Everyday comfort and solid style, for beginners as well as advanced riders looking for an all mountain boot, that won't break the bank. New shaft cushions and 3D tongue construction. Your medium flex boot. The men are in black with our SP.R lacing system whilst the white boot with the SP.L system, requiring less lacing effort. The SP Private snowboard bindings are for all of you out there looking for fast-entry technology at a low tech price. The SP fastec binding in either black or white and comes with interchangeable coloured parts, enabling you to customize your pair…or is that getting too private?


    Auto RS
    Manual strap opener
    Fwd.lean 0-12°
    3d stitched straps / 3d molded ergonomic highback pad
SP Sport Snowboard Bindings is a traditional ratchet snowboard binding. It has a great level of adjustability for comfort and performance. SP bindings are well made and reliable without costing top dollar. This binding is a great beginner to intermediate binding without braking the bank.

    uto RS
    Manual strap opener
    quick screws
    3D stitched straps
    3D molded ergonomic highback pad
    all-over disc cover
SP WOnder (womens) We sometimes wonder…where are all of you tough women who can kick ass? Of course, right in the middle of the fun park showing the guys how its done. now you’ve got a binding to match your style. Superhero inspired, gold bling and a couple of stars thrown in for free. The only choice you have to make now is classic strap-in or FASTEC model. …Wasn’t there a joke with some girlhero, a super guy and an invisible dude? Damn, there goes the punchline. SP Star (womens) Today’s female riders demand more than just neat colors and cute names. This binding puts a smile in your face on the mountain and a twinkle in your eye at the bar. Adopted geometry and adjusted to your female needs. You can choose between FASTEC models in black or white and a classic strap-in version in black. SP loves you.